How to train your player to max rating in efootball 2023

Hello, guys today we are going to show you all the best ways to train your player to make him reach his max rating in the efootball 2023 football game. We all know that we increase the player ratings through player progression but how to perfectly use the progression points and increase the rating to the player’s highest potential would show you the perfect way to do that, So let’s start.

How to increase player ratings in efootball 2023

To Increase your player ratings you need to Follow all the steps we have mentioned below and you need to complete every step one by one

Increase player level in efootball 2023

The first step to increase player ratings to max is increasing your player’s level who is important for your team and would play every match so we would train that player and level him up. To level up a player we need to click on the My Team section on the homepage and then choose the important player whom we want to level up and then click on the player from many options we should select Level training and then the number of training points you have you can use them and level up your player to the maximum level you can and if you have less training points then collect training points by opening the game every day as you get training points each day in the login bonus.

Increase your team playstyle proficiency

Even if you have a good player with good stats and overall level still he won’t fit in your team if your team’s playstyle proficiency is bad to increase the team playstyle proficiency we need to sign a good manager first who would suit your team and sign a new manager In the home screen you need to click on Contract and then click on the Manager list option and now you would see many managers you can sign any manager who suits your team players specialty but In my recommendation, you should Sign Louis A. Roman who is available for just 500,000 GP’s. Now after signing a New manager, you need to click on the Manager and check his stats about what is his specialty for example he has a higher rating in the Possession game then you need to increase your team’s possession game, and to do this you need to click on the Team playstyle proficiency and by using the progression points you need to increase the team’ possession game same like the manager and this would directly increase your team playstyle proficiency. To get more progression points you need to increase your player level every time and you would be given progressions to increase that particular player stats whose level you have increased.

Progress your player

Now After Increasing your team playstyle proficiency, you need to progress your player by clicking on your player and then clicking on “player progression” You need to progress your player by using the progression points. Now you have to open an app named ” Efootball Hub ” which is available in the Google Play Store after opening that app you need to search for the particular player name whose rating you want to increase and then after you search that player overall stats would come and there you need to see that player stats and you need to match that stats in your game as well so by using the player progressions points you need to increase skills and match the number showing in the player stats in the efootball hub app and also you can organize your dream team properly in that app. You can also use the auto allocate option given down in the middle and auto allocate would automatically increase those skills by using your player progression points which would increase your player ratings to the highest they can so this is a feature that you could use if you don’t know which skill to increase. You need to increase your player possession game in your player stats and increase other skills by matching your manager’s stats and team playstyle due to this your player would fully suit your team and your manager and your player rating would be increased to the max it can be increased and by following this way you can progress every player in your team and increase their rating to their maximum potential by increasing team style proficiency by seeing the manager stats and increasing player stats by seeing the stats in the efootball hub app.


So we have shown you everything from player training to player progression and the full strategy to increase your player ratings to the max through this way you can increase all of your team players’ ratings and build a strong team in the efootball 2023 football game.

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