How to get the New Mr Beast Character in Stumble Guys

Hello everyone, the new update of the Stumble Guys came a Few days ago which was the V 0.53 update this is a really special update because this is a full Mr. Beast season of stumble guys so the company has added many Mr. Beast characters items, and emotes so we would show your the best ways to collect the Mr Beast character, Let’s start

About Mr. Beast’s Character in Stumble Guys

Mr. Beast is actually a famous YouTuber with over 170 Million + Subscribers on YouTube channels currently he is one of the most popular YouTubers in the whole world and a Famous personality whom everyone loves mostly the kids. Mr beast makes challenge videos in which he does Crazy and unique things every time so this game company thought to feature him in their game because he totally suits their game stumble guys is also a game full of challenges, so the Stumble Guys company decided to add him as a special character in the game and now he is featured. The Mr. Beast Character in this game is made same as the real-world Mr. Beast as the face cut and beard are the same and the character has a magic wound in his hand which shows he has some special ability that we can use while being in a match. The Mr. Beast card is available in different types like mythic, Epic, Legendary, and special Mr. Beast emotes are also available now. There is a Mr. Beast warehouse too from which we can collect different special beast items and use them to customize our character of use in the match.

How to get Mr. Beast in Stumble guys

To collect the New Mr. Beast character and his special emotes in Stumble Guys you need to follow all the steps given below and perform them :

  1. Spin wheel: We all know that it is rare to get special characters in the Spin wheel. This character is also special but we can get this from the spin wheel because most of the people are getting it currently from there only and we know that we can spin the wheel for limited times only but at least we can try because the character is new so the company might be interested in giving it to many users for now and would make it hard afterward for people to get. Many people have posted videos on YouTube that they are getting the mythic Mr. Beast Character from the spin wheel so this would be a way for you to get him.
  2. Shard system: The shard system is a new concept launched by the game company in the recent 0.53 Update in which users can get special characters and items by completing different their progress in the game it means not only the people who would buy now will get but also people who play more and progress in the game they would get these special items directly into their inventory in stumble guys.
  3. Tournaments: Many different tournaments happen every week which are conducted by the game company so you need to participate in those tournaments and win rewards in which you would get Mr Beast Character as it is new so they would distribute it more.
  4. Events: New Events are Going on every time in Stumble Guys and in every new event you will get different rewards so open them and hope for the best at least once your luck shines and you would be the Mr. Beast Character.


Stumble Guys game company has brought this new character so you can use it and discover it’s special ability They have also made many ways for us through which we can get the character by our own progress and hard work in the game. They have made a new shard system for us to collect favorite characters so use it this is the whole Mr beast season so enjoy it

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