Wcc4 coming? WCC 4 is expected to come this year

Hello, guys today I am going to tell you all about the rumor or news that is going on in the cricket gaming community that NextWave multimedia might launch or should launch World Cricket Championship 4 by upgrading from WCC3. So I would tell why it is expected that wcc4 new version game would launch when it might be released on the Google Play Store and App Store and what would be improved in this new game by the company

Will WCC4 launch this year?

Many cricket gaming YouTubers are making videos on wcc4 upcoming game that the company might release or should release the new wcc4 version this year and also gave many reasons why they should launch and what they should include and the users of the game are demanding for the wcc4 as well to get something new. Now let me tell you why wcc4 is expected by the users to be launched , Firstly as we all know the First version of Wcc series which was world cricket championship ltd released on June 6 2011 and after great sucess of the game the company launched the second version of Wcc after 4 years which is wcc2 and this game released on 28 July 2015 and then now comes the current version which world cricket championship 3 which released on 13 September 2020 which means it launched after 5 years of wcc2 and now we know the 3 Rd year anniversary of wcc3 game is near as the game would complete it’s 3 years successfully this year in September and one more reason is the users wants a full change in gameplay because of the big issues and problems they are facing so want the company to look upon that and specially the graphics and looking upon these requests from people and listening to their opinions nextwave multimedia launched a new update which included all the changes which the suers wanted like change in graphics and detailing in the game and gameplay setting and much more in the wcc3 game but users are still expecting the company to give them a surprise by launching wcc4 on their 3rd anniversary of wcc3 and also there are many reasons why the company should launch in my opinion because this time many other games are standing in the competition of wcc3 game who are among the best cricket games like wcc3 . Wcc4 is not been officially announced but the game company has no hint given this is a request created by users and YouTubers to the company to launch it this year the company listens to their users’ opinions most of the time so they might take some action upon so many requests.

Reasons why WCC4 should be launched this year

There are many reasons why Nextwave Multimedia should launch wcc4 game this year itself and If the company reads it through will surely accept these points and demands raised by everyone who is playing the game. So here are the reasons given below

  1. Icc Cricket World Cup 2023: The most important and big reason why wcc4 should be launched this year only because this is the cricket World Cup year in which the World Cup would be held and we all know World Cup is so special because it comes after 4 years and another main reason this world Cup is special because it is going to be held on our own country India where cricket is played the most of the users of wcc3 game are from India only and this would be the company’s biggest opportunity to give a special surprise to their users and to generate more new users they should launch the game by adding all the special things of the cricket World Cup to impress their users. Yes, the company can bring the World Cup featured update in wcc3 game but this is their biggest chance and special time to launch wcc4 by using the 2023 cricket World Cup name and attract the audience. They should add all the necessary items of all the teams taking part in the World Cup by adding the latest updated jerseys, updated teams, kits, Grounds, world Cup host country venues, and every detail featuring the World Cup.
  2. Bugs and graphics: Due to a lot of bugs while playing the match seen in fielding and batting users want the company to bring wcc4 by re-optimizing their game fully and with a newer version, they bring bugs and fixed updates every month but still many bugs are left out which might make the users feel the game as unrealistic. Graphics are another main reason why WCC 4 should be launched as the graphics in WCC4 might be different from the current graphics we are experiencing in WCC3. The new update brought some changes in the stadium but the most important is the player faces which should be matched with the player’s real face as only some of the popular player faces match their real Faces but many other players’ faces are totally different and kept default by the game company.
  3. Competition: The WCC3 game became a success in the start but after years passed a lot of other cricket games were launched in the market and they started to become people’s favorite among all cricket games then many of the users left WCC3 as well but still wcc3 is the most played cricket game currently on mobile devices and due to more competition in today’s market the company should try to not let their users go away from the game to other game because that other game is better than wcc3 so nextwave multimedia should do something new and better and for this they should launch wcc4 better than the competitors games and should rule the cricket mobile gaming industry.
  4. Users Demand: A company’s First priority should be its users who have supported and trusted them for years using their application and the company should take steps based on their user reviews every time consistently to have a good image in the market so Nextwave Multimedia who are the developers of Wcc series game should see their users opinions who are demanding Wcc4 by commenting on their social media pages and other youtube videos. So the company should not ignore that and take perfect action based on the reviews and no doubt this game company does it too as its recent update was fully based on fulfilling the demands of the users only.


At last, I would like to give a conclusion to you that the game is not officially to be launched this year but the user is demanding the company to launch this year and we could surely see a big surprise coming on WCC3 3rd anniversary in September month. so, that’s all keep playing the game and keep supporting.

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